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Does your investment plan meet your changing needs?

Investors encounter different financial challenges and goals during their life. Many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to investing. They find themselves overwhelmed by the vast amount of information, wide array of choices, and the risks involved – so much so that it prevents them from taking those first steps. Many investors have turned to a Financial Professional to help guide them through their financial journey. This includes evaluating goals for retirement and continually meeting to identify any changes in goals.

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When you are just starting out, time is one of your biggest assets. Starting to save early is one of the smartest moves you can make towards a retirement goal. Meet with a Financial Professional to discuss your expectations, evaluate your goals for retirement, as well as review and identify your insurance needs. Start building savings into your budget by contributing small amounts withdrawn at predetermined intervals. This savings will add up over time and get you started on your journey towards financial independence. Use our Paycheck Analyzer tool to see how a retirement contribution may affect your paycheck.

Life changes and so do your needs over time. Following a well-conceived retirement and investment plan can mean the difference between achieving your objectives and falling short. During this stage of accumulation, managing and monitoring your assets can become overwhelming. If you have recently changed jobs or experienced another significant change in your life, you may want to consider consolidating several retirement plans into a single account to help you take control of your total portfolio. Your Legend Group Financial Professional can help you prepare for retirement by clarifying your vision and making any necessary changes. Take a look at some considerations for active investors.

The transition from working and accumulating assets to retiring and drawing an income poses a unique set of financial considerations. One of the biggest challenges you may face is determining how to generate an income stream from your hard-earned retirement savings that will support your new lifestyle – and last as long as you need it. Your strategy should provide the potential to weather the markets’ ups and downs, as well as the growth potential to meet your income requirements for the years to come. You may want to explore Social Security strategies to increase your benefits. Annual meetings with your Legend Group Financial Professional will help you evaluate how your retirement is going and allow you to revise your income stream as needed, ensuring your legacy is carried out the way you wish. Read more on approaching retirement and tips on enjoying retirement.

Social security services are not offered through, or supervised by Lincoln Investment, or Legend Advisory.

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It's easy! Contact a Legend Group Financial Professional today.

Interested in finding out more? It's easy! Contact a Legend Group Financial Professional today.
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